Inks India


Screen Printing Inks:

For Corrugated Flute Board.For Treated Plastic Containers. For Untreated Polypropylene. For Tin/Aluminium/Stainless Steel Sheets and Labels. For Industrial Products/Electronic / Engineering Plastics/Food packaging/Leather products/For Foam and Rexine Bags etc.Solvent Base Inks for Plastics and Metals/ IR Curing inks. Heat Set Instant Dry Ink for Paint and Lubricant Containers.

Pad Printing Inks:

For All Surfaces.

Eva Inks:

For Eva/Rubber slippers.

Batch Coding /Indelible Marking Inks:

For Pharmaceutical/Industrial/Food/Oil/Lubricant/Electronic Industries.

Water Based Flexo Inks:

For Corrugated Boxes in Roll form

Leather Inks:

For Handbag and Shoe industry.

Specialized High Gloss Varnishes:

For PU, PVC and Leather

Pre Ink Stamp Inks:

For Pre Inked Stamps.

Special Raised Effect Inks:

For Footwear, Handbags and Textiles.

Tin Printing Offset Inks:

For Metal Container Printing (Metal Decoration).

Self Inking Stamps Ink:

For continuous Stamping Metal Stamps.

Hand Coding/Contact Coding Inks:

For Porous and Non Porous Substrates.

Syringe Inks:

For Pad Printing and Roto Pad Printing on Untreated Polypropylene syringes.

Spray Paints:

For all surfaces.

Pigment Paste Toners for Textiles

Election Voting Inks

The Company has successfully developed “Election Voting Inks” that meet the requirements of Election Commissioners all over the world. Inks for 3 different applications have been developed.

  • Voting Ink applied by an ‘applicator’.
  • Ink applied by dipping the finger into a bottle.
  • Ink applied through an indelible marker.

The Inks are loaded by automatic volumetric filling machines and sealed by automatic induction sealing machines that are demanded by Election Commissioners all over the world.