About Us

VAL CREATIONS is one of the foremost Companies in providing quality products and solutions to our ever-growing list of Corporates, MNC’s and canvassers, who constantly require that extra zing that separates our products and services from others who consider us a benchmark in Corporate Promotions, Product Launches and Innovative Inventions!

That zing, is the element we add to a task! It’s called MAGIC! Yes! We create ‘Magical Fantasies’ that keep our competitors guessing, our clients satisfied and our creative team – adding feathers to their ‘thinking cap’! This has been the challenge of our technical masters at our, the R&D division, the creative team of the founder – Mr. Gilroy Valles, and the ‘ever-hungry’ Marketing genius – Ms. Gillian Valles.

The Technology, we utilize, is the development of tomorrow! We offer our valued clients, innovations that are unthinkable with today’s Technology! Magical Painting Cards, Mystical color-changing Coffee Mugs, Exotic Cold, Color Changing Glasses, Mind-Boggling Pharmaceutical Product Launches. These are just a few of our range of Products we offer our die-hard clients.